Why Choose Us
Everyone knows printing, but most of the people have very limited knowledge about this industry that contributed to the country’s GDP in result of being the top 10 among the rest. Mostly, it is commonly separated into two main sectors, the offset and the digital.

It is a family business that serves the market for the past 16 years. Over the years, we have been keeping our business up to date with the latest technology of offset press as well as digital fast print. As an IT graduate, I am mainly involved in IT support, as well as improving the services from web to delivery. My role is also in sync with the marketing and sales department of the company.

What Results do we deliver to our Clients?

  We provide quality service to big cooperation and SMEs for their large quantity printing needs up to millions of pieces in order.
  We help our clients to print urgently in a very short period of time.
  We make sure our goods are delivered on time.
  We ensure the goods are in excellent quality from printing to packaging and finishing.


  We keep our offset press and machines up to date with the latest technology, from 4 colours offset press to digital fast print machine, DTP/CTP, folding, and binding machines.
  We have all the machines and services in house from designing to printing, and from printing to finishing follow up by delivery.
  We also have the license and certified to provide printing service to government bodies from Ministry of Finance.
  We maintain good reputation and integrity of business with all our partners as well as supplier to make sure raw materials needed for printing is always in stock and ready to print.
  Our factory runs 24/7 on large quantity and urgent print when it’s necessary.

What are my USP’s?  Why am I different?


We provide professional one stop solution from head to toe, from design to delivery.

Our factory runs 24/7, even to print for clients on special occasion/request on weekends or holidays.

We have certain license that caters for government printing needs as well as bumiputra cooperation.
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